Guru Virjanand Gurukul Mahavidyalaya,Kartarpur – An Introduction

Kartarpur is the birth place of the great guru Dandi Swami Virjanand Sarasvati. He was the guru of maharishi Dayanand Sarasvati, the founder of Arya Smaj. Dandi Swami Guru Virjanand owned incomparable and supreme talent. He was a true patriot and Proclaimed of the Vedic culture and Sanskrit from the core of his heart. He took revolutionary steps and presented the rational explanation of the Vedas and the Aarsh Literature. His greatest contribution to the nation is that he trained a disciple in the form of rishi Dayanand who devoted the Aarsh Literature all over the country culture and the Aarsh Literature. His greatest contribution to the nation is that he trained a disciple in the form of rishi Deyanand who devoted all his life to re-expand the Vedic culture and the Aarsh Literature the country. Kartarpur is situated on the Jalandhar Amritsar main railway line and the G.T Road at a distance of 16 kms. From Jalandhar. A Gurukul in the memory of Guru Virjanand, named "Guru Virjanand Gurukul" is active since 1970. It is a residential institution in which all the brahmcharis and the teachers live in the Campus. According to the ancient Indian cultural tradition this Gurukul not only imparts education without taking any charge but also provides hostel facilities, food and milk. All the brahamcharies from all the classes and categories whether rich or poor live together without any feeling of distinction just the same as the bramchairs of Maharishi Sandipani’s Gurukul where “krishna and Sudhama lived and study together. This Gurukul is affiliated to Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar and the brahmacharis who join here in thr 6th class provided with the degree/certificate of Vedalnankar/Vidyalankar equivalent to B.A after completion of the study upto 15th class. At present 225 students is receiving education in this Gurukul. Incliding the Pracharya there are fully devoted to guide well the brahamcharis for their future. In this Gurkul the students are not only trained in Ved shastras and rituals but also in English, Science, Mathematics, Social studies, Philosophy and Computer. It is our assertion that our Brahamcharis have the high standard of knowledge in all the subjects. Brahamcharis from almost all the states of india come to receive education in this Gurukul, in this way it presents a view of mini India. Most of the brahmacharis are from the regions where christian missionaries are including their religions by luring them of free education and high posts. Generally the people wish to protect and save their culture and religion if they find some option of this form. Our institution provides this option Nevertheless our Gurukul does not have sufficient place & money for the arrangement to avail unlimited admission for these students. Keeping in view the present financial sources and available place we are not in a condition to admit the brahamcharis above the number of 225. There is no fixed income of this Gurukul in these Circumstances this Gurukul is being run by the money given as donation by the donors these persons are doing an extremely great work with their co-operation the Gurukul education by releasing the poor students from the grip of christian missionaries who are including in transferring to develop the students in debate and speech in order to make them supreme missionaries and the Purohits. Speeches in Hindi, Sanskrit and English in the organized in the guidance of the students of the Gurukul participate in inter-school, inter-college and inter-university competitions In this way they develop their talent and attain knowledge of current affairs and many other topics of discussion.

In brief we try to provide education as instructed by Swami Dayanand nevertheless we want suggestions and views from you for the development of the Gurukul. Let us play the important roles together to form the great students from this land in the great India.